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Special infusions for spas and thalassotherapy centers

In order to respond to the request of some of our customers, we created in 2002 a line of teas in partnership with nutritionists and herbalists.

The goal is to ensure that spas and thalassotherapy centers clients can have a nice and healthy drink at the same time. After months of research, we have developed a series of six fully effective and natural teas. This line is sold only in spas and thalassotherapy centers.

These special infusions deserved the qualities of this bag, light as silk and transparent as crystal. Combining tradition and innovation, the knowledge of ancient times with the “savoir-faire” of today, combining the pleasure of tasting with the pleasure of aesthetics, these products offer the true essence of infusions :

Organic Oceania (detoxifying effect)

Mixture of plants and seaweeds with detoxifying effects.

Organic Cerisea (draining effect)

Corne Horsetail, Meadowsweet, Peppermint Leaves, Mint Natural Flavour

Organic Melissea (relaxing effect)

Balm, Real Vervain Leaves, Cinnamon Barks, Orange Natural Flavour.

Organic Romacea (digestive effect)

Real Vervain and Rosemary Leaves, Fennel, Grapefruit Natural Flavour

Organic Tonicea (tonic effect)

Hip Rose, Musk-Mallow Flowers, Ginseng, Red Fruits Natural Flavour

Organic Veinocea (venotonic effect)

Red Grape-Vine, Horse Chestnut, Witch Hazel, Black Currant Leaves, Lemon Natural Flavour

All our infusions require from 5 à 8 minutes of infusion time.

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