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Exclusive infusions of Pascal HAMOUR®

Our traditional infusions

Organic Chamomile

Known for its calming properties, our organic chamomile infusion has a beautiful yellow colour and a pleasant honey scent.

Organic Lime and Organic Lime with Mint

Lime is very sensitive to weather conditions and to the environment that surrounds it, that is why sometimes lime has a scent or tastes like hay.

Organic Verbena and Organic Verbena with Mint

Organic Peppermint

The peppermint production requires a specific selection of the plants used as the spicy part of the plant must be subtle to avoid excessive bitterness. The Pascal HAMOUR peppermint infusion is a real moment of pleasure.

Our flower infusions ®

Our flower infusions® do not contain caffeine, are rich in oligoelements and essential oils, and can be drunk hot, cold or frozen.

Organic 4 Seasons

Apple Pieces, Musk-Mallow, Hip Rose, Raspberry, Orange and Yoghurt Natural Flavor

Organic Strawberry

Apple Pieces, Musk-Mallow Flowers, Hip Rose, Orange Barks, Strawberry Natural Flavour

Organic Grapefruit

Musk-Mallow, Apple Pieces, Hip Rose, Pink Grapefruit and Passionfruit Natural Flavours

All our infusions require from 5 à 8 minutes of infusion time.

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