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Grand Sencha Green Tea BIO Hot & Iced

Pascal HAMOUR, your tea alchemist

Hotel and upscale restaurant supplier, Pascal HAMOUR is your reference partner in the tea and infusions field

In order to make easier the work of your team, Pascal HAMOUR has created a selection of great teas and has put them in transparent tea bags since 1998.

These transparent tea bags are also biodegradable, manufactured from corn starch and thermo welded, allowing us to see the tea or infusion within.

But the most important is that besides making the work of teams easier, these tea bags still offer the perfect infusion.

Throughout the year, the plants sealed in these transparent tea bags, will release all their flavour and scent to everyone’s delight.

The white or yellow sugar sticks, organic or not, open on both sides (thanks to a pre-cut process) offers all the amenities to our customers.

Similarly, the instant chocolate is a unique blend created by Pascal HAMOUR, available in single doses of 30g or 1 kg packs, making the difference both in terms of quality and appearance that can’t be found nowhere else.

For over 15 years each professional customer enjoys a truly unique costumer care programme with a training plan for all staff so that the final customer can be served above his demands.

Our only goal is the full satisfaction of your costumers.

It’s for all those reasons that we don’t sell to individuals and we don’t use the image of our customers to sell in stores, in order to book a customer care exclusive service.

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