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The South African Rooibos

The leaves of this bush are thin and have yellow flowers, are used to prepare a beverage which, unlike the tea hasn’t tannins and is low in caffeine.

Organic Natural Rooibos

This plant is strong in minerals, vitamin C and antioxidants. Very pleasant to drink, this tea is for both for young and old. It can be drunk hot or cold, with a lemon zest, milk or mixed with fruit juice.

Organic Rooibos Earl Grey

With bergamot from Calabria, as the Pascal HAMOUR Earl Grey tea, which is the best-selling tea in Europe.

Organic Caramel Rooibos

It’s the favourite of children and adults, caramel and Rooibos blend divinely providing the ideal drink for everyone.

Organic Vanilla Rooibos

Subtle blend of Madagascar vanilla sweetness with the South African Rooibos.

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