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How to prepare tea

Tea has been prepared in thousand different ways for ages

More than three billion tea cups are drunk each year in France! That’s why coffee is about to be replaced .But this number hides different practices :

75% Of the French take tea bags instead of BULK
54% Make it directly into a mug, a cup or a bowl
37% Make it in a teapot
09 % Buy tea in “vending machines”
65% Add sugar
32% Drink pure tea (sweetened or not)
30% Add lemon
25% Add some milk or honey
30% Drink tea in the morning
60% In the afternoon
10% In the evening

To make a good tea, follow some simple rules :

  • Heat up the water without boiling and pour the water over the tea.
  • For bulk tea you have to put a tea spoon in the teapot per cup.
  • Tea should infuse from 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Use soft water.
  • Water should be stirred with a spoon before serving.


There are many variations and other “tricks” to make tea :

  • Heat the cups and the teapot with water before pouring the tea. This will “prepare” the containers.
  • The North African method of serving tea, raising the teapot high above the cup- releases a very pleasant fragrance, but doesn’t improve the taste of the tea.
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