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Our teas

Black teas

Organic Royal Ceylan

This tea is lighter than Assam tea. Even if it seems more appropriate for us to drink it with a slice of lemon during the day, it is also used for breakfast for those who want a light tea. In any case, it’s a real pleasure tasting a tea with a typical flavour of a great Ceylon tea.

Organic Royal Assam

This tea has a single ingredient-very high quality ASSAM organic tea- it’s a full-body and aromatic tea. For breakfast is often associated with milk. This combination enhances the taste of both but it required a real work of searching and tasting before finding the ideal batch. For those who taste it is a real pleasure plain or with milk.

Organic Breakfast

This tea only has one ingredient-very high quality ASSAM organic tea- it’s a full-body and aromatic tea. For breakfast is often associated with milk. This combination enhances the taste of both but it required a real work of searching and tasting before finding the ideal batch. For those who taste it is a real pleasure plain or with milk.

Organic Darjeeling Imperial

This tea is known as the “champagne of teas” and it’s hard to keep up to its reputation. This light and aromatic tea is truly one of the most famous in the world.
It is harvested on the plates at the foot of the Himalayas. Ideal in the afternoon, plain or with milk, its champagne colour it’s a delight for Darjeeling tea lovers.

Organic green teas

Still a few years ago, green tea consumption was almost a joke, but today it has become a lasting trend. In fact, green tea unlike black tea undergoes no transformation- it is just left to dry naturally, which preserves all the qualities of the plant. This is also why Pascal HAMOUR privileged the green tea from organic plantation. For information, the consumer often thinks, and wrongly, that an organically grown product has no phytosanitary treatment, but the farmer uses treatment products such as sulphur to fight insects and diseases.

The main advantage of this method is to allow the plant to give us the best without the presence of any chemical residues. Green tea comes from many places, but one of the best known is the Chinese and it’s used a lot with mint. Pascal HAMOUR selected an organic green tea from Darjeeling, a region in India. Green tea leaf is naturally rich in minerals (Fluor, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus). It is also a great source of many vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and P.

Organic Sencha from Japan

Our green tea Sencha has a vegetable distinctive flavour. It’s nice and balanced. It doesn’t support a long infusion and the temperature shouldn’t exceed 80 degrees or one might obtain a bitter and uninteresting liquor.

Organic Darjeeling with Jasmine flower

This tea is a combination of green tea and jasmine flower tea. To get a balanced and harmonious blend a real know-how is required. When tasting it one can find the inimitable flavour of a great jasmine tea combined with the refinement of the Darjeeling green tea.

Organic lemon tea

A balanced and delicate blend of Sencha green tea and lemon it requires an infusion of 4 minutes at least. You have to try it!

Organic Darjeeling

The aromatic notes of Darjeeling Green tea are very delicate. One can also find that sweetness in the cup after brewing. This tea is very soft even after a long infusion in the cup and it may be drank sugar free as well.

Organic Peppermint Darjeeling

Everyone knows green mint tea – a mixture of Chinese green tea and nana mint. Pascal HAMOUR has elected a blend of Darjeeling Green tea and peppermint.
Selecting peppermint is very difficult and complex due to its dosing problems, but peppermint brings additional qualities to the tea comparing to the nana mint.
With peppermint we get a very delicate green mint tea without bitterness and that can be drunk without sugar, hot or iced.

Organic red fruits

The work on the red fruits tea was more complex, because all these four red fruit essences had to be balanced at the opening of the bag and in the cup, after brewing. The result is a real pleasure and can be combined with milk to enhance the taste of the red fruit.

Flavoured black teas

Organic Earl Grey

Result of an ancient Chinese recipe, this flavoured tea is the most used in Europe. For this reason it has been completely redesigned. This tea is darker in the cup and doesn’t get bitter with the increase of tannin in the cup. The natural bergamot we use is both powerful and subtle and the aromas released are close to a true fragrance of perfume. The mixture tea and bergamot is a true pleasure to tea lovers who enjoy a quick or a longer infusion.

Organic Lapsang Souchong tea

It isn’t easy to select a smoked tea as it has to be balanced to please most customers. We changed the type of tea used to improve the body of the tea in the cup and the result is a less rustic smoked.

Organic Vanilla tea

The type of tea and the natural flavours of vanilla used were completely modified. This tea is a real pleasure for the vanilla tea lover. After opening the tea bag, we are pleasantly surprised with the delicate vanilla notes in harmony with the tea that we can be found again when drinking it.

Organic caramel tea

For the caramel tea we used the same selection as in the vanilla tea, and the result is the same.

Organic Peach tea

The goal was to achieve the right balance between the taste of the tea and the peach. Cold and shaken we get a real cold peach tea with few calories.

Oriental dream tea

Black tea original spicy blend, sweetened and invigorating. To find out.

The transparent and biodegradable corn starch tea bag

A modern product of high technology that keeps the exceptional qualities of flavour during infusion, the old “nylon” tea bag has been replaced by a PLA tea bag, made of transparent and biodegradable material and closed at heat,100% natural. In polylactic acid or PLA, made from corn starch, it is the first natural alternative to polyethylene.

The PLA tea bag has further advantages over the old product :

  • Its texture allows us to see the tea;
  • The regularity and subtlety of the wire allow the infusion to spread ideally in the cup;
  • The tea bag manufacturing and filling method allow wrapping whole tea leaves to obtain an infusion identical to high quality bulk teas, but most of all, it was inconceivable to a biological range of high-quality, to pack the tea in a non-biodegradable petroleum derivative tea bag.

All our teas require an infusion time from 2 to 3 minutes most. Packaging : 50 tea bag box.

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